Astrology Scams – How to identify

I have been quite interested in astrology and quite not so interested at the same time.

You may ask why? well, how in the world am I to know, that this astrologer, who claims to know my complete world is actually genuine and knows what he is saying.

Numerous times, I have been offered a free mini-reading of my life, upon getting one, it has words of wisdom and insight into my life, showing me how wonderful I am and how so and so thing is blocking my success.

Then comes a PROMISE, a promise to show me how my life can get better, and how my times are changing, and how all of sudden I contacted the astrologer at the most IMPORTANT time of my life.

I start to feel lucky, I start to already have hope rising in me, that now my life is finally about to change for good, finally,I can have the sun, shine back in my life.

All I need to do, to bring this change and become ready for this “miraculous transition” that is going to be in my life only for a certain period, is to quickly order a report that will guide me into my future and prepare me for the best.

All this sounds quite genuine, authentic and real, the only problem is, it is NOT!

I did some googling, to see if others have also been sent similar content, to my surprise, a lot of people were sent the exact same emails, exact same flowery words.

Long story short, most astrologers online are scams, they are fake and all they do is use human emotions to appear genuine.

They use common circumstances and things which almost will apply and will relate with any individual.

Most of us have the same needs right? Money, Love, better life. You see these are all generic things, and they promise to help you with these simple generic things.

Do yourself a favor and next time you are about to buy a report from an astrologer, do a back ground check.

Do not go by the testimonials on their websites – I personally would not trust them.

Now, all is not over, if you are still looking for a genuine astrology report, in my experience, the only person I can recommend is Jonathan Cainer and no I am not his affiliate. You can check his site here at


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